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Airtable – Where to find API key, Base ID, and Table Name

Visualization of the Airtable data on charts is really simple.

You just need three parameters – API key, Base ID, and Table Name and those are really easy to find.


  1. To find your API key, navigate to your account page.

  2. On your account overview page, under the API heading, there’s a button that says “Generate API key.”

3. Once you click the “Generate API Key” button, the API Key gets generated.

4. You can copy that generated API key and paste it into the field.

Base ID

Base ID is unique to each workspace. Each workspace has many tables.

  1. To identify the Base ID of an workspace / base, the user has to be on the workspace and needs to click on the “help” as in the below image.

2. The side panel will appear, on the side panel, the last option is “API documentation”. You need to click on that link, it will open the API documentation page with the required information.

3. On the new page, in the first paragraph – “Introduction” – you can see the Base ID.

It is clearly given as : The ID of this Base is _______________ .

It usually starts with “app _____________”. See the below image , for better understanding.

4. Copy – Paste the BaseID in the application.

Table Name

The “Table Name” is one of the tables in the workspace where you enter/interact with the data.

In this case, Table Names could be “Sales Deals “, “Sales Reps”.

Enter the name of the table on which you want to perform the visualization.

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