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Forecast Better to Reduce Costs  and Improve Revenues 

Demand Forecasting Engine For everyone

Solve your business problems with plug & play AI/ML-powered demand forecasting solution


Retail &

  • Demand Forecasting for better inventory management - Reduce Stockouts and store less inventory. 

  • Demand Forecasting to understand the impact of marketing and other promotional activities.

Auto &
auto- ancillary 

Understand the consumption pattern and use demand forecasting to predict the need for spare parts at each of your service stations to improve the customer satisfaction

Travel & Hospitality 

User our demand forecasting solution to make better supply chain planning and make the product available at the all the required outlets without any disruption at the lowest costs 

Use Case for Forecasting

Inventory Planning

Plan your inventory based on the demand forecasting to avoid stock-outs or stokcing up excess inventory directly impacting sales & working capital. 

With demand-foreasting you can have better working capital

Sales Planning

With demand forecasting, you can change the budget or realign your resources to reach your targets. 

With better forecasting, you can run new campaigns or launch new products or make changes in sales team and achieve your targets 

Staff & Shift Planning 

With demand forecasting, you can plan number of people required for any shift like that in hotels / resturants or support center or warehouse management 

With Bet


Click & Select Interface sets apart from other similar products 

Easily define each step for the data processing using this intuitive click & select based interface  

The interface provides a lighted runway-like experience to define your steps, helping you to finish your task without any learning curve 


Templates for your reports

Changable Forecast Horizon

Currently, you can forecast with changing time horizon. You can forecast for daily frequency, weekly or even monthly, as you desire

Currently you can only get forecasts over next 8 intervals, but working towards to increase the same.

Understand the data in a click

Integration with multiple sources

The product will be available through APIs helping you to easily integrated with any of the softwares you use like that of Shopify ,WooCommerce etc

Over the period, you should be able to connect with any product with our APIs 


Lets automate repetative reports to one click reports from the CSV files

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