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Store Online & Create reports from your
CSV / Excel files 

Core Feature

Visual Verb helps to create automated reports from large CSV files for smooth & productive day-to-day operations 

data processing in a click

Automate CSV files for your operations 

Automate the data reports form the CSV files for further processing  

Define Steps for processing data 

Define a set of steps that need to be performed on the uploaded dataset.

Process Daily files in a click 

Just upload daily dataset and in a click get the output files for your work

Who Should Use VisualVerb 

Finance teams

You are responsible for creating reports and provide correct data for your business teams for decision making process. 

VisualVerb is the product that helps you to define once & then create reports. 

Core Operations

You are responsible for day-to-day operations and you need to make a list or spend a lot of time on the same set of reports. 

  VisualVerb is for people like you to automate your data reports & list creation 

Sales & Marketing Ops

You are responsible for creating a clean email list or data for decision-making or cleaning the data for CRM upload. 


VisualVerb is for people like you who can data related automations.    


Click & Select Interface sets apart from other similar products 

Easily define each step for the data processing using this intuitive click & select based interface  

The interface provides a lighted runway-like experience to define your steps, helping you to finish your task without any learning curve 


Templates for your reports

Templates for common Reports

Streamline your workflow with pre-built templates & models and customize them quickly and easily to meet your exact needs.

Understand the data in a click

Understand Data Quality &  Properties 

On upload of the csv file, understand the properties of various columns & row along with the quality of the data.

With that you can process the data accordingly.  

Have a productive day than muddling    CSV files 

Lets automate repetative reports to one click reports from the CSV files

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