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Simple Hacks to Increase Retention

The first thing every eCommerce brand needs to do is fulfill the first order correctly. When we say correctly, it includes multiple facets starting from the image of the product to the usage of the product for the first time. As a brand, we need to make sure that the first order is up to expectation. With the finish of the first order, we land in the area of retention.

The goal for any ecommerce company is to get the customer to buy second time within a fixed time interval and repeat the whole process, if possible decrease the time period and increase the order frequency and order value !!!

So a systemic approach to making a customer buy the product second time starts with mapping the customer journey ( with the help of data and information you have regarding the customer). It may not be simple, but developing a basic flow of customer journey helps you to figure out the intervention points.

Along with that, you can use any of the following hacks to improve retention and sell more to your existing customers.

Following is a list of simple hacks that will any e-commerce store to improve retention :

Get Feedback –> Testimonial

After completion of the first order, just get the feedback. If the customer has given really good feedback, get that customer to provide a testimonial. You may need to incentivize the customer.

Referral Marketing

There will be “happy” customers, just ask them to refer new customers. You may need to implement a simple referral program. Don’t annoy the customer, but a simple nudge/incentive should be good enough for the customer to refer.

Get them to follow your social media

Most of us (brands) exist on Instagram or Twitter. Just making them follow (through various incentives) and your activity will help improve the brand recall.

NOTE: Make sure you are active on that social media channel.

Email / SMS Drip Campaigns

In most cases, you would be having their email or mobile number. Just have a drip campaign in place to get the customer to know about new releases, promotions, and any kind of discounts.

Along with that, always use the transaction message to get your offers/promotions out. People always want to know the status of their orders, along with that you can always send a small promotional content or offers.

Complementary products

The purchased product gives an idea of all the other products that can be used along with the purchased product.

For example, whenever someone buys a notebook, you can always try to sell a box of pencils at a discounted price.

Packaging inserts for delightful surprises

An insert could be anything from a “Thank You” note to free samples or anything interesting that will help you with better brand recall and subsequent ordering. The most common ones are discount coupons, thank you notes, small gifts, a small sample of a complimentary product, etc.

These are hacks, but you need to understand the patterns across the repurchase and behavior for the subsequent purchases. You should always use data and lookup for the real insights that will drive and grow the repeat business from existing customers.

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