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How to develop a Parametric Query

Parametric SQL queries help you to use the same query to get various outputs by changing only the variable values.

Following is the list of the steps that you can follow to create a parametric query for multiple uses.

Intro Slide : Parametric SQL Query

STEP 1 : Start from the Dashboard Screen , click Play button

STEP 2 : After clicking on the Play button, you would be seeing the query page

STEP 3: Identify the section of query in which the user would be providing multiple inputs with {{ }}

STEP 3a : Example regarding STEP 3.

STEP 3b : Point to remember regarding STEP 3.

STEP 4: Test your parametric query before saving it for future use

STEP 5: See the test results & SAVE it for future use by clicking on SAVE BUTTON

STEP 6 : Congrats !!! Now the parametric query is created

STEP 7 : It is a parametric query now. Give inputs and get the necessary data without writing the query again and again.

STEP 8: Results of the Parametric SQL query with given inputs.

Developing a parametric query is really simply after you have created the SQL query. Do let us know in the comments if you are facing any troubles with the same.

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